Band of Love

Band of Love: Folk Fever

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Artist: Band of Love

Artist: Band of Love
Title: Folk Fever

2018 release. One is a music of dance, of escape, of exultation, resistance, affirmation, celebration and sex; the other is a popular American black music genre of the late 1970s. But while British folk music and disco may seem more strangers in the night than kissin' cousins, the recordings on Folk Fever show them to be joined at the hip, moving in step and ready for action. The album features 13 tracks of folk disco magnificence and brings together exciting new artists and respected veterans including Mike McGoldrick, Phil Beer and Steve Knightley (Show Of Hands), Patsy Reid, Matt Downer and Rune Cygan Barslund alongside The Band of Love members Jim Causley, Greg Russell, Hannah Martin, Philip Henry and Alice Jones.

1.1 Gimme the Night
1.2 Born to Be Alive
1.3 I Feel Love
1.4 Love Don't Live Here Anymore
1.5 I Will Survive
1.6 Young Hearts Run Free
1.7 I'll Put You Together Again
1.8 The Love I Lost
1.9 Pick Up the Pieces
1.10 Night Fever
1.11 We Are the Family
1.12 Back to My Roots
1.13 I Am What I Am

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