Bandar-Log: Ak-747

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bandar-Log

Title: Ak-747
Label: CD Baby

Debut Album from Alabama based indie rock weirdos The Bandar-Log Beats that bounce! Stab happy guitar rhythms! Bass that will slap your face off your face as well as face melting GUITAR SOLOS that will melt your face like candle wax into your face. Face. This album recorded over five days by Andy Jackson (Hot Rod Circuit, Reggie And The Full Effect, Say Anything) at The Jackalope Studio in Montgomery, Alabama. Mastered by Jamie Uertz (Hematovore) at Sarcophagus Studios in Auburn, AL. Artwork by Nils 'Supercutie' Larsen.

1.1 Broken Shoulders
1.2 Evolution Wind
1.3 Crows Called Liars
1.4 Sleepwalking Plea
1.5 Coretta, Watch Me
1.6 Teeth Like a Guillotine
1.7 Mechanical Mistress
1.8 Grey Brothers
1.9 Godspeed and Gone
1.10 Goodnight Ashes, Goodnight Sand

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