Barbara Dane

Barbara Dane: Anthology of American Folk Songs

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Artist: Barbara Dane

Artist: Barbara Dane
Title: Anthology of American Folk Songs

One of the most popular albums of the late 50's folk revival digitally remastered. Time Magazine described Barbara Dane as "a voice as rare as a twenty carat diamond"

1.1 When I Was a Young Girl
1.2 Little Maggie
1.3 Nine Hundred Miles
1.4 Turkey Reveille
1.5 Who's Gonna' Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot
1.6 Ramblin'
1.7 Girl of Constant Sorrow
1.8 Gypsy Davy
1.9 Single Girl
1.10 I Know Where I'm Going
1.11 The Danville Girl
1.12 Stung Right
1.13 Greensleeves
1.14 La Le Too Dum
1.15 Don't Sing Love Songs

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