Barbara Dane

Barbara Dane: When I Was a Young Girl

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Artist: Barbara Dane

Artist: Barbara Dane
Title: When I Was a Young Girl

When Barbara Dane first burst upon the scene in the late fifties, she was described as "a voice as rare as a twenty carat diamond" by Time Magazine, and "Bessie Smith in stereo" by music historian Leonard Feather. Blues writer Lee Hildebrand called her "perhaps the finest living interpreter of the classic blues of the 20's" and Louis Armstrong invited her to appear with him on national television. Primarily known as a blues singer, in 1959 Dane issued her only pure folk LP entitled "When I Was a Young Girl". The album remains a folk classic. Newly remastered.

1.1 When I Was a Young Girl
1.2 Little Maggie
1.3 Nine Hundred Miles
1.4 Turkey Reveille
1.5 Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot
1.6 Ramblin'
1.7 Girl of Constant Sorrow
1.8 Gypsy Davy
1.9 Single Girl
1.10 I Know Where I'm Going
1.11 The Danville Girl
1.12 Stung Right
1.13 Greensleeves
1.14 La Le Too Dum
1.15 Don't Sing Love Songs

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