Barbara Lamb

Barbara Lamb: Twin Sisters

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Barbara Lamb

Title: Twin Sisters
Label: CD Baby

Red hot twin fiddling by two of the Northwest's hottest fiddlers! Vivian was Barbara's fiddle teacher, so they really know how to twin fiddle these tunes! Barbara usually plays the lead, and Vivian the twin part. Dynamic backup is furnished by members of Tall Timber, one of the West's best known bluegrass band for over twenty years - Barney Munger, banjo; Phil Williams, mandolin; Dick Marvin, guitar; and Lou Herrington, bass. Barbara Lamb and Vivian Williams are not sisters, but they play these 18 twin fiddle tunes in harmony close enough to be worthy of the title of this recording. The all-instrumental collection is an interesting mix of upbeat, danceable songs, with jam session favorites alternating with lesser known numbers. If you like fiddle music, especially the sound of twin fiddles, the fine fiddling heard here won't disappoint. Bluegrass Unlimited) The Pacific Northwest is not commonly regarded as a haven for fiddlers, but it has produced two of the finest in Barbara Lamb and Vivian Williams. This was recorded back in 1974 and 1975, before Lamb made a name for herself as a founding member of Ranch Romance and in her subsequent solo career. Vivian Williams, who was one of Lamb's teachers, has long been heralded as a master of Celtic, old-time and bluegrass styles. Twin Sisters is a rousing, all-instrumental recording of fiddle duets that mostly stays close to the bluegrass end of things. Williams plays inventive harmony to Lamb's lead lines throughout. Lamb and Williams mesh perfectly, the material is diverse and Tall Timber's backup is exemplary, if a tad tame compared to the fiddling pyrotechnics. Opening with a blazing version of 'Leather Britches,' the album includes a number of other old favorites such as 'Mason's Apron,' 'St. Anne's Reel' and a dazzling version of 'Tennessee Wagoner.' (Sing Out) Throughout the recording, Lamb plays lead with Williams providing excellent harmonies, and the band is in the background where it belongs on a fiddle record. The fiddling is superb, adventurous without being flashy. (Dirty Linen There really isn't much to say about this album other than -- if you like fiddle music, and especially fine twin fiddling, then you are in for a rare treat! From all aspects this is an extremely well-conceived and executed album. The backup instrumentation compliments, rather than conflicts with, the fiddling. Both Barbara and Vivian have been exposed to varied influences that have molded their styles and tastes. The result is a delightful blend. We have no hesitancy in enthusiastically recommending this album to any and all readers. (Devil's Box)

1.1 Leather Britches
1.2 Spotted Pony
1.3 Tennessee Wagoner
1.4 St. Paul Waltz
1.5 Mason's Apron
1.6 Hell Among the Yearlings
1.7 St. Anne's Reel
1.8 Twin Sisters
1.9 G Rdebyl Ten
1.10 Forked Deer
1.11 Cuckoo's Nest
1.12 Big Sandy River
1.13 Katy Hill - Sally Johnson
1.14 Annie Laurie
1.15 Fourth of July
1.16 Sugar in the Gourd
1.17 Dry Creek Reel
1.18 Florida Blues

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