Barclay James Harvest: Glasnost

Barclay James Harvest: Glasnost
Title: Glasnost
Label: Esoteric

Digitally remastered two CD edition of this 1987 live album from the British Prog band. The album was recorded at Treptower Park, East Berlin on 14th July 1987 at a time of great change in Eastern Europe, prior to the reunification of Germany. The concert was one of the first by a Western Rock band in East Germany and was a major event, seeing the band play to an estimated 175,000 people.

1.1 Nova Lepidoptera (Previously Unreleased)
1.2 Hold on
1.3 African
1.4 Love on the Line (Previously Unreleased)
1.5 Alone in the Night
1.6 On the Wings of Love
1.7 Mockingbird (Previously Unreleased)
1.8 Rock and Roll Lady (Previously Unreleased)
1.9 He Said Love
1.10 Turn the Key
1.11 Medicine Man
1.12 Kiev
1.13 Child of the Universe (Previously Unreleased)
1.14 Life Is for Living (Previously Unreleased)
1.15 Poor Man's Moody Blues
1.16 Berlin
1.17 Loving Is Easy (Previously Unreleased)
1.18 Hymn

Barclay James Harvest: Glasnost

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