Bark Bark Disco

Bark Bark Disco: Your Mum Says Hello

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Artist: Bark Bark Disco

Artist: Bark Bark Disco
Title: Your Mum Says Hello

Bark Bark Disco stem from the island of Malta & the city of Berlin & were formed in August 2009, a week before they played their debut concert with Bonnie Prince Billy, in a masonic cemetery in Valletta. Allegedly it was this gig that actually pushed to band to formation & the recording of their debut album Your Mum Says Hello!

1.1 Song for the Lovers
1.2 Stop Making My Life Hell
1.3 I Love You Tonight
1.4 Place in My Heart
1.5 She's the One
1.6 Sleep
1.7 You Need a Heart
1.8 Berlin
1.9 The One I Love
1.10 She's Gone
1.11 Centre of Your Heart
1.12 Heaven Come True

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