Barker Squire

Barker Squire: Bingley Barker Squire

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Barker Squire

Title: Bingley Barker Squire
Label: CD Baby

Hey folks! Thanks for checking out my first album. It's an interesting combination of country, jazz, and a few theme songs as well. All of the songs are originals-products of the people and places of my life. I grew up in the lowlands of Southern Virginia and spent most of my time running through the woods, fields, and streams of Greensville and Southampton Counties. It wasn't until my senior year in high school-when my choir director roped me into a play-that my interest in singing truly began. From that point on, singing and songwriting have been a part of my life. During my college years at the Virginia Military Institute I sang with the a cappella group, the Men in Grey, as well as with the school's jazz band. More recently, between training and deployments with the U.S. Marine Corps, I sang Big Band hits with the 2nd Marine Division Band in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. I love writing and singing my own stuff as well. There is just something awesome about bringing an idea to life in the form of music and sharing that idea with others. And that brings me to you. Thank you very much for the applause and for the advice backstage. Whatever your story may be, whatever your music may be, never stop recording it and sharing it with others. Yours truly, Barker Squire.

1.1 Barefoot
1.2 Swimming in the Moonshine
1.3 When He's Gone
1.4 Jacksonville
1.5 Southern Virginia Boy
1.6 Take You on a Date
1.7 My Love
1.8 Sway to Me
1.9 TBS Breakdown
1.10 A Place Called Vmi

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