Barnes & Barnes: Kodovoner

Barnes & Barnes: Kodovoner
Title: Kodovoner
Label: CD Baby

Barnes and Barnes make a left turn on this album, trying to sound topical and commercial. Check out those drum machines, baby! Sometimes a bit 'Devo meets The Doors meets the Three Stooges'. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. You decide. This album was recorded in 1981 thru 1983 and lay mostly lost in the vaults and unreleased until 2005! Finally resurrected for your listening pleasure. Master tapes had gone missing for decades and were finally found and cleaned up the best they could be. And the whole thing sounds pretty damn good and holds up just swell, baby! Check it out. Includes the hit song (was also a great video) 'SOAK IT UP'!! Does it get any better than this?! Nope-.

1.1 Soak It Up
1.2 Before You Leave (Positive Life)
1.3 Succeed
1.4 Monkey Life
1.5 Objectivity
1.6 A Wave for Brian Wilson
1.7 Fighting the Demon
1.8 So Bold
1.9 Superman Will Save the Day
1.10 Scary Love
1.11 Girl of My Dreams
1.12 I Got a Job
1.13 Don't Fuck Up the World
1.14 Suburban Obscurity
1.15 Code of Honor
1.16 A Power Play
1.17 Positive Life #2
1.18 Fox Hole
1.19 Lies and Spies
1.20 Ripen and Rot
1.21 If You Hurt No One
1.22 Pay for Your Ticket
1.23 Everything You Do
1.24 Honorable Mention

Barnes & Barnes: Kodovoner

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