Baron Zen & Tekblazer

Baron Zen & Tekblazer: Electrik Surgery

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Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Title: Electrik Surgery
Label: Fat Beat (Generic)
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Peanut Butter Wolf, before making his name as a DJ and Producer and before founding Stones Throw Records, was programming drums for a one-man punk rock/ disco army known as Baron Zen. Known, that is, to almost no one, because Baron Zen did not play shows, did not release records, rejected all forms of publicity, and above all, rejected the boundaries separating hiphop, disco, punk rock, and pop. While the scope of BZN's name has exploded beyond those borders since then, his DIY attitude and stylistic staples have not changed. After collaborating on the At The Mall: Remixes LP and volume 3 of Stones Throw's Rhythm Trax series, Tekblazer and Baron Zen team up for the funky synthladen sound of Electrik Surgery. This Vinyl / Digital only EP is Executive Produced by Peanut Butter Wolf, and features the likes of Koushik, Tchaka Diallo, and Megabusive among others.

1.1 Goodtimes
1.2 Right Then Left
1.3 Untitled Love Song
1.4 Ghetto Galaxy
1.5 Overload
1.6 Hot Places
1.7 Bass Attack

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