Barry Goldstein

Barry Goldstein: Heart Codes

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Barry Goldstein

Title: Heart Codes
Label: CD Baby

Have you forgotten how to remember? The Heart Codes is a ground breaking new CD Utilizing Triple Number Frequencies that takes you on a powerful, journey back to your heart. The heart's intelligence is a knowing without knowing...much different than the mind's intelligence. It is time to come home to your heart... The first track, Attune and Align assists in taking you back to certain aspects within your self such as: Surrender, Safety, Self Love, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Inner Peace and Truth. The second track is a musical anointing and activation that assists you in moving forward utilizing your heart's powerful intelligence and sharing your gifts with the world! Each musical piece is one half an hour and they meld together for a seamless one-hour tapestry of music, sound and vibration. The Heart Codes also embody a unique tuning that accesses Triple number frequencies. Have you ever woken up at 444 or seen 333 on a license plate several times in a day? I am sure you have your own triple number story...These numbers are a way of getting our attention; there is an alignment occurring at that moment. During this alignment, it is a perfect time to set an intention for yourself. Why wait for this to occurrence to happen when you can access these Triple Number Frequencies through the groundbreaking music of 'The Heart Codes'. The Heart Codes is embedded with original and unique sounds, otherworldly textures, heart expanding melodies and of course the amazing tones and frequencies. It is composed at the tempo of your heart at a relaxed state. This allows you to re-entrain to your own Unique Vibrational Heart Code and come back to the remembrance of who you truly are without illusion. If you have enjoyed the Grammy Award winning productions of Barry Goldstein you will enjoy this new musical evolution which is perfect for meditation, relaxation, transformation and inspiration." The Heart Codes"'s time to remember!

1.1 Attuning and Aligning
1.2 Anointing and Activating

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