Barry Metcalf

Barry Metcalf: Emp Electro Magnetic Pulse

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Artist: Barry Metcalf

Artist: Barry Metcalf
Title: Emp Electro Magnetic Pulse

Track 1: 'Let's Fall In Love'........This song is a curious exercise in different styles. The chord progression and guitar sound are like the band Cream........The lyrics and vocals are likely to remind you of the Doors.......and the rhythm guitar techniques and octave chords are from a little known and obscure guitarist named James Marshall Hendrix. Let me know what you think???? Track 2: 'The Rattlesnake Shake' is the second greatest rock song in the history of rock n roll......You have a throbbing rock riff...a Jimi Hendrix type lead solo......ZZ Top type lyrics, a driving beat and heavy rhythm the way I think 'Welcome To The Jungle' by Guns and Roses is probably numero uno. Do you a agree??? Track 3: 'Fair Weather Woman'....( I've had a few of them).........another straight ahead ZZ Top get down song...blues with a twist. In this song look for a funky acoustic guitar part in the middle. Kudos to our bass player Aaron Francis .....he is an awesome player and he also does the back-up vocals. Track 4: 'Only Know My Heart'........this song uses the heavy Marshall 1959 SLP sound ......notice the contrast between soft and loud. Great lyrics and a powerful song. Look for the classical music sounding lead break....... What do you think???? Track 5: 'White Collar Crime'......this a Stevie Ray Vaughn jamming kind of thing......A twist on Mary Had A Little Lamb. In this tune look for an Eric Clapton angry woman lead guitar solo. Track 6: I'm a huge Ventures fan...I wrote this instrumental in their honor. Look for a warm summer day at the beach ........ babes in bikinis......hanging 10 and shooting the curl. Track 7: 'Room Without A View'......this a dark Stevie Ray Vaughn kind of song: great lyrics...with a hot blues riff. Look for the wah wah pedal guitar lead. Track 8: 'Crossroads' nobody will ever top Eric Claptons' original solo but we enjoyed playing the song and thought we'd put it on the CD for your listening pleasure......I like my second lead much better than the be the judge.

1.1 Let's Fall in Love
1.2 Rattlesnake Shake
1.3 Fair Weather Woman
1.4 Only Know My Heart
1.5 White Collar Crime
1.6 Ventura
1.7 Room Without a View
1.8 At the Crossroads
1.9 Sleepy Time
1.10 Foxie Lady
1.11 Sunshine of Your Love
1.12 Bonus Eighties Track

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