Barry White: Ballads

Barry White: Ballads
Title: Ballads
Label: Mercury

Barry White reigned as the "Maestro of Love" for years. His unique bass voice, coupled by the romantic, bedroom tone of his music, regularly led him to the top of the charts. Romance and ballads go hand in hand, and this collection finds the maestro at the top of his game. He may have written his early songs for the masses and helped give disco it's legs, but when he sang a ballad, he made all of the ladies who made up the bulk of his audience feel like they were all alone with "The Man". So just "put him in your mix" and enjoy the sensuous side of one of the most recognizable and stylized vocalists that crossed over from the urban music format to take on the world.

1.1 I've Got So Much to Give
1.2 Hard to Believe That I Found You
1.3 You Turned My Whole World Around
1.4 I Love You More Than Anything (In This World Girl)
1.5 Love Serenade
1.6 Of All the Guys in the World
1.7 I'm So Blue and You Are Too
1.8 It's Only Love Doing It's Thing
1.9 Dark and Lovely (You Over There)
1.10 Put Me in Your Mix
1.11 Let Me Live My Life Lovin' You Babe
1.12 Goodnight My Love

Barry White: Ballads

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