Bass Drum of Death

Bass Drum of Death: Bass Drum of Death

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Artist: Bass Drum of Death
Title: Bass Drum of Death
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP. Multi-instrumentalist John Barrett goes on a spree of genres while sinking his teeth into his one-man band's self-titled album "Bass Drum of Death." This 2013 album is Barrett's sophomore effort. Although he dabbles in many styles of rock, the song writing on this album is tighter and more sophisticated than on Bass Drum of Death's first album, "GB City." Some of the album's most noteworthy songs include "Shattered Me," "Bad Reputation" and "Way Out." Deeply rooted in the blues, this is rock music you don't want to miss. Of course, the vinyl LP edition has the best sound for the best way to go. Fat Possum.

1.1 I Wanna Be Forgotten
1.2 Fines Lines
1.3 Shattered Me
1.4 Such a Bore
1.5 No Demons
1.6 Bad Reputation
1.7 Faces of the Wind
1.8 Crawling After You
1.9 White Fright
1.10 Way Out
1.11 (You'll Never Be) So Wrong

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