Bass Petro

Bass Petro: Full Circle

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bass Petro

Title: Full Circle
Label: CD Baby

Over a span of twenty years, Petro Bass has earned the title, "World Class Percussionist". Petro is known for his high energy, versatility, precise and unique style of performance. On his newly released CD, "Full Circle", Petro returns to his musical roots that inspired him in the past ranging from R & B, jazz, Latin, African and other genres. Petro takes you on a musical journey featuring intriguing Artists accompanied by sounds of exotic instruments. "Full Circle" is a showcase of 10 groove-infused songs that transcends all global boundaries. The CD introduces a from Kenya and Japan, each singing in their native language. It also includes a unique blend of instruments - the didgeridoo, accordion, flute, seven string acoustic guitar, quad drum from Cameroon and the sound of the Rajah Sarod from India. "Full Circle" leads you on a path of vibrant sounds and rhythms with individual tracks reflecting a wide range of styles from easy listening fusion, to reggae, calypso and funky R & B beats. Each song is a gem, an expression of Petro's journey and a gift to those who have the pleasure to experience it. Petro believes that, "Music possesses the ability to touch the hearts of people and leave imprints of a lifetime." In that spirit Petro has dedicated his CD to a close friend, writer and keyboardist, the late Donnie Black. The song entitled, Donnie B. is a tribute to his special spirit. Petro Bass has come full circle ascending greater heights in musical space and time. He hopes you will enjoy "Full Circle" as much as he did in creating it.

1.1 Who I B
1.2 Home
1.3 When U Need Ah Friend
1.4 Hide the MTN
1.5 The Answer Is Love
1.6 Rain
1.7 Donnie B
1.8 Temptation
1.9 Majestic Groove
1.10 Full Circle

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