Baths: Ocean Death

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Baths

Title: Ocean Death
Label: Anticon

2014 release, the follow up to the critically-acclaimed OBSIDIAN album. Those who heard OBSIDIAN last year already understand that Will Wiesenfeld fully shed his influences and delivered a staggering work of graveyard beauty. Always a gifted musician, Wiesenfeld had become a full-fledged artist: A songwriter of uncommon sensitivity, a whimsical and romantic spirit, and a lay-me-gently-down falsetto. Think of the OCEAN DEATH EP as a companion piece - the Dia de los Muertos to OBSIDIAN's Halloween. It's eponymous opening track existed before a single note of 2010's CERULEAN had been recorded. Darker in tone, it was always meant for a sophomore album, but wound up a different cut of gem.

1.1 Ocean Death
1.2 Fade White
1.3 Voyeur
1.4 Orator
1.5 Yawn

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