Battlerage: Slaughter Returns

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Battlerage

Title: Slaughter Returns
Label: CD Baby

LABEL: Metal On Metal Records CATALOG ID: MOMR08006 RELEASE DATE: November 2008 GENRE: True Heavy Metal COUNTRY: Chile FORMAT: • 1 CD • 13 tracks (approx. 60 min.) • 20 pages stapled booklet with liner notes, lyrics, band photos and info • All full-color.

1.1 Mortuus Advocare (Intro)
1.2 By Steel I Reign Supreme
1.3 The Battle Slain
1.4 Grind Their Bones
1.5 Dark Arrival of Powers Malign
1.6 Metal Slaughter
1.7 Held High the Chaos Sword
1.8 The Axeman - Battlerage, Kimball, J.D
1.9 Black Riders of Destruction
1.10 From the Deepest Hell
1.11 Steel Supremacy (Outro)
1.12 Blessed By the Are
1.13 By Steel I Reign Supreme 2006

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