Bayside Banjo Band

Bayside Banjo Band: When You're Smilin

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Artist: Bayside Banjo Band
Title: When You're Smilin

This album represents some of the very best of the Bayside Banjo Band. You will hear tunes from slow blues to red-hot Dixieland jazz. Most of the tracks are ensemble, classic Dixieland with a banjo flavor (we have five of them!). Other songs feature solos and vocals. Rounding out the banjos are horns, drums, piano the bass. The Bayside Banjo Band has again been selected to act as host band at the Suncoast Dixieland Jazz Classic in Clearwater, FL.

1.1 When You're Smilin'
1.2 Avalon
1.3 Birth of the Blues
1.4 Alexanders Ragtime Band
1.5 Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
1.6 Clarinet Polka
1.7 Tin Roof Blues
1.8 Alabamy Bound
1.9 Bye Bye Blackbird/Margie
1.10 Waiting for the Sunrise
1.11 Leftover Biscuits
1.12 Ace in the Hole
1.13 Darktown Strutters Ball
1.14 Basin Street Blues
1.15 Marie
1.16 Ain't Misbehavin'
1.17 Washington and Lee Swing

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