Baze and His Silly Friends

Baze and His Silly Friends: Toddlerville

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Artist: Baze and His Silly Friends
Title: Toddlerville

1.1 Everyone Everywhere
1.2 This Is Your Body
1.3 Big Boy Now
1.4 My Family
1.5 Said the Boy
1.6 Toddlerville
1.7 Time of Your Life
1.8 My Imagination
1.9 Water Comes Out of Your Nose
1.10 Scare Me, Scare You!
1.11 Gettin's Good
1.12 Happy, Happy Birthday
1.13 Funny Feeling
1.14 I Got the ABC's
2.1 Songs: Everyone Everywhere, This Is Your Body, Big Boy Now, My Family, Said the Boy
2.2 Toddlerville, Time of Your Life, My Imagination, Water Comes Out of Our Nose
2.3 Scare Me Scare You!, Gettin's Good, Happy Happy Birthday, Funny Feeling
2.4 I Got the Abcs

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