Bean & Bailey

Bean & Bailey: Comedy Saves the Day

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Artist: Bean & Bailey

Artist: Bean & Bailey
Title: Comedy Saves the Day

Bean and Bailey's album 'Comedy Saves the Day' is meant to be listened to, and laughed at... A LOT! They cover Folk, Country, and Pop music just to name a few, while guiding you into a world of hilarity. They sing about road rage and the man we all know with the hairy chest and gold chains with his Toupee and convertible. They will share with you thoughts on the Pope, how to cover the major safety issues with your children and teach you American History like you've never learned it before. They will also help you quit smokin and sing about your childhood friend Mr. Potato Head. Don't take my word for it, but it and start laughing today!

1.1 Toupee
1.2 Restroom
1.3 Folks
1.4 Thoughts on the Pope
1.5 Cheerios
1.6 Momma's Boy
1.7 Smokin
1.8 Deep Thought: Funerals
1.9 All It Takes
1.10 Jackson's Unfulfilled Career Dream
1.11 Children's Album
1.12 Jackson Takes the Wheel
1.13 Doxidan
1.14 American History
1.15 Unashamed Website Plug
1.16 Potato Head
1.17 A Special Thank You
1.18 Superman Medley

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