Beans on Toast

Beans on Toast: A Spanner In The Works

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Beans on Toast

Title: A Spanner In The Works
Label: Xtra Mile

Reissue of this album by British folk singer/songwriter Jay McAllister AKA Beans On Toast. Presenting A Spanner in the Works - Beans on Toast's eighth Studio album, originally released December 2016 on Xtra Mile Recordings. However, as the name may suggest, this time around he's decided to do things a little differently. With his unfaltering DIY ethic still at the forefront of it's making, A Spanner In The Works sees Beans embracing technology to create a record simply made on a laptop, around a mate's house. While the new recordings still have Beans' trademark three chord folk songs at their heart, this time around each track is layered in myriad beats, loops, synths and samples, spanning an array of genres and styles, that make for an album by Beans unlike any you've heard before. Recorded over a single weekend with old friend and long-time collaborator Scampi Dan, the album is a fresh and different, but very much a welcome addition to the Beans On Toast catalogue.

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