Beat Beat Beat

Beat Beat Beat: Living in the Future

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Beat Beat Beat

Title: Living in the Future
Label: Dirtnap Records

Beat Beat Beat melds '77 punk hooks with the energy of early '80's hardcore, and power pop-esque catchy songwriting skills. Saints meet Adolescents? Johnny Thunders meets early Briefs? Exploding Hearts gone KBD? Recorded in Atlanta by Dave Carbona, Living in the Future unleashes 12 sleazy, swaggering punk/pop (NOT pop punk) slices of perfection on to the undeserving masses, including a stunning cover of Australian legends the Fun Things' "Where the Birdmen Fly."

1.1 Hate Me
1.2 Sinking Slow
1.3 Psycho
1.4 Don't Tell Me Now
1.5 Sick Sad
1.6 I'm a Disease
1.7 Where the Birdmen Fly
1.8 Eyeballs Jones
1.9 Nasty Nightmare
1.10 Leave Me Out
1.11 Why Should I
1.12 Savage Girl

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