Beaten Sea

Beaten Sea: Beaten Sea

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Artist: Beaten Sea

Title: Beaten Sea
Label: CD Baby

Lyrics: Turn Out Empty In the dry summer days when the crickets all play and you know that they all call for you I'll be there with a green-eyed glare giving you the stare that you need You mustn't be blue I could have love in me too It just might take a few years to find it And if I have it in me and I don't turn out empty I swear that you'll be the first to know 'Cause the days they vanish like smoke and down to your bones you're a-burnin' 'Cause the vastness of the sea it don't match what you need And I'll hear you cryin' out to me So don't make up your mind It will only take time till you're crying and grabbin' for the air, babe But I see you're resolved so I'll give it my all to wait for you to fall to the floor 'Cause I remember the way that my father would say an early grave is the work of a beauty and I ain't never been hurt but I do take his word though I really, really, really, really don't want to be alone Doctor's Not Gonna Cure Our Ills Doctor's not gonna cure our ills Preacher's not gonna bend out wills Mother's not gonna set us still for long Father told me he's got a plan If that don't work, we'll burn the land I wish I gave a damn, but I don't So if you're gonna leave, don't go far These distances can break my heart Don't you worry one second more I told you once and once before I whispered through your bedroom door, it's alright So if you're gonna cry, cry in my arms You can't be loved and not be harmed I tell you so you aren't alarmed when you are So if you're gonna leave, don't go far These distances can break my heart Doctor's not gonna cure our ills Preacher's not gonna bend out wills Mother's not gonna set us still for long Father told me he's got a plan If that don't work, we'll burn the land I wish I gave a damn, but I don't So if you're gonna leave, don't go far These distances can break my heart Grave Clothes You saw me in my grave clothes The first day we met For forty days I trembled For forty more I wept We carved our letters on an oak tree And around those letters carved a heart And around that tree we built a white picket fence Outside the fence we kept the dark Now fences don't keep out the darkness And darkness can't discern the thief The thief who'd sneak into our garden And chop down our oak tree When I hear that oak tree fallin' I'll come lookin' for that man As you stand there cold and crying With the axe blade in your hand Hard Way You said you're leaving I'll see you in the morning And that is just one more thing That ties me to a place Though you cry now All I can think is just how Those damp gray lines they have bound Your eyes upon your face It's a hard way but it's our way When you return Tell me of your travels The angels and the rabble And how they sang the same You'll say you missed me I will say I missed you Then you say you love me, It's all that we can do It's a hard way but it's our way My words are weapons My success, it is regression My joy, it is depression I'm leaping just to fall Will we share a tombstone Will I go in the ground all alone If so, will you remarry? Will you marry me at all? Hatchet I've got a hatchet at my heel To lay me low He aims to, he aims to lay me low I felt it in the womb Overcame He took my blood and then he took my name He took to the air With each breath He filled his lungs until there was nothing left I've got a hatchet at my heel To lay me low He aims to, he aims to lay me low Weight Against the Weather I put my weight against the weather I lay my hands upon the wheel But they're only holy harlots So I try not to feel the winds blow The winds blow And the wheels turn to the city and my mind turns back and sees you climbing into my bed with the dirt brushed off your feet Winds do howl, winds do howl And if the heart's a lonely hunter then the eyes are lyin' thieves that keep me from your fingers climbing up my sleeve Winds do howl, winds do howl And your naked shoulders tell me that I'm awfully close to sin Praise the good Lord that Jehovah doesn't know where you have been Winds do howl, winds do howl And there were roots down in the river back when I was just a boy and there was something pure within me that just ain't pure no more Winds have howled, red winds howl Serpent Song The serpent bit my heel and I bruised his head Though we were not dead, we were dying "It's how it's gotta be," that copperhead said As we fell to the red ground, writhing So I sang a tune to charm that old snake That I might make my escape The snake, it seemed, had heard the song once or twice And decided I needed advice "My bite, it will hurt but not harm you." So I sang my song and sang it in vain It didn't ease my pain or my cryin' Just then the serpent turned and wiped up my tears Said "Nothing to fear," he was lying So I stared into his eyes for a spell To contemplate heaven and hell I heard him talk about when grandfather fell And when he got to the parts that I knew I knew he had changed them to hide you I told that serpent that "I see through your schemes, You get behind me, I'm not buying." The snake just smiled and said, "I'll do as you please, For a small fee I'll be complyin'." So to the scene of the original crime The serpent and I went this time I still don't know what that snake hoped we would find But here's what I saw: the rise and the fall And my grandfather walking just like I am Living With Your Ghost You're the seemliest stranger I know If you were to leave me I would never know, you see 'Cause I have been livin' with your ghost Sometimes the story's stranger than the truth But at times like these, the truth is of no use to me A ghostly love with have to do Sleep, sleep You know I've seen you come, I've seen you go Like a bone-chillin' wind Through my thoughts, without, within You're leavin' my heart so cold Mama, she will sing her lullabies Her breath keeps the rhythm Her lips will keep that song in time I listen as she sings and father cries Sleep, sleep They tell me I can see you in my dreams Your arms, they can hurt me But the visions can't embrace me So I'm groaning when I wake and when I sleep Sleep, sleep One Last Night for Birthpains I dreamt, I dreamed the Nazarene Gored him in the dead of night The body of a broken wife She was left standing there clean And her lack of clothes, her mannequin pose It was all elected pain Direct attempts to hide the shame and now it's the only thing that shows The holy wars the prophecies' whore Mystery, the mother's name A cup of gold, the blood of saints Scarlet beast from the ocean floor I looked upon a sky that boasts Fury for the fruit of wombs Jackals crying in their tombs An anger fit for the nation's hosts And the scalpel blade, the liar-sage Cut the fattened like a calf But seven trumpets clear a path Peels of thunder burn and empty cage It's a Long Ways It's a long ways that's holding me down And I'm holding on to you But the onliest way for me to be all day Is alone with the loneliest tune And the rain's been falling down Ain't we all fallen, too? And the prettiest of girls in this whole fallen world Left to pine with the grittiest of blues So me and the boys we'll start making some noise and together we can make it all pretty We will stomp where we stand with our bottles in hand Make the best of this god-awful city Somewhere, someone once told me That alone is only letting go and the surest of things that this crazy life brings is a comfort in the lowest of lows Sugarland Blues I've been writin' tragedies in my bed With broken lovers that hurt in my head But they don't seem to come alive or my ink just let's 'em die like burdens that I know I need to shed And I'm hopin' that I can wake up Feel both the joy and the sorrow we sup Because the comfort creeps and it lulls me right to sleep The burdens that I choose to keep are a crutch The blank page is waitin' for the ghost of that woman that I love the most O how she terrifies! Mixes truth right in with lies Don't know why she hides her cries From coast to coast So now I

1.1 Turn Out Empty
1.2 Doctor's Not Gonna Cure Our Ills
1.3 Grave Clothes
1.4 Hard Way
1.5 Hatchet
1.6 Weight Against the Weather
1.7 Serpent Song
1.8 Living with Your Ghost
1.9 One Last Night for Birthpains
1.10 It's a Long Ways
1.11 Sugar Land Blues
1.12 Lonesome Tune
1.13 It's Hard to Resist

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