Beau Brown

Beau Brown: Clarity

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Artist: Beau Brown

Artist: Beau Brown
Title: Clarity

Judging from it's commercially successful side, hip-hop may seem as far away from social justice concerns as possible. However, Beau Brown, a hip-hop artist from Evansville, Indiana, seeks to bring attention to hip-hop's deep and passionate roots in activism. Asked about his penchant for speaking about various issues, Beau responds, "It's not that I want everything I write to be about what's wrong with the world and what needs to be happening. But I do believe hip-hop's history necessitates at least some attention to injustice." Beau Brown's new full-length album Clarity, walks a tightrope between political and lighthearted, complex and simple, underground and commercial. The title of the album, Clarity, alludes to the idea of wading through the muddiness of life and stumbling into a sense of peace and passion. Touching on his love for hip-hop, struggles with depression, poverty, racism, among other topics, Clarity culminates in hope in spite of hardship. "From the time I could walk, I was listening to the soulful and rugged sounds of hip-hop artists like LL Cool J, Beastie Boys, Run-DMC, and Public Enemy. I wasn't always sure what they were talking about, but I loved the sound." That love for a sound turned into a deep passion for the music and culture of hip-hop. Majoring in Elementary Education in college, Beau began studying multiculturalism and relating it to the hip-hop he was listening to (now artists like dead prez, De La Soul, Kanye West, and KRS-One). He realized these artists were referring to social realities he did not experience growing up. This caused him to delve deeply into history and begin building relationships with people beyond his social group from birth. "I think we grow as people when we spend time with people who are not like us, who see the world differently than we do. I know I still have a lot of growing to do, and I hope my relationships and art lead me into that growth," Beau says. Commenting on Beau's artistic and personal activities, Adam Hayden [stage name: MC (Till)] says, "I think Beau really listens to people and learns from them, and you can see that expressed in the music he makes and the life he lives." The release of Clarity will expose many more listeners to Beau Brown's passion for social justice and good hip-hop music.

1.1 This One
1.2 People to Love
1.3 I Don't Know
1.4 Under the Line
1.5 Another Day
1.6 Truthiness
1.7 Out of the Darkness
1.8 Justice Call
1.9 Qoheleth
1.10 Moonlight
1.11 Unconditional
1.12 I See You

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