Beautiful Nubia

Beautiful Nubia: Irinajo

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Beautiful Nubia

Title: Irinajo
Label: CD Baby

There is nothing much to say, really, about Irinajo, this new studio album by Nigerian-born lyricist and melody-maker Beautiful Nubia. Accompanied by his co-travellers The Roots Renaissance Band, BN continues to "make sense" as a typical Lagos youth would say. The themes are varied - conservation of the inner and external environments, love, history, communalism, etc. The music is tight, performed by the same seasoned musicians who have been with BN on the journey for more than a decade now. The songs are very reflective and may not jump at you, but like all of Beautiful Nubia's previous albums, it will take more than one listen to get into it. The vocal style can be a puzzle, the instrumental arrangements may seem strange, and the subject matter might sometimes appear esoteric. This is not music for the cursory listener looking for a quick audio fix. This album is not meant to symbolise anything, it is not intended to mark an epoch, it has not been made to impress anyone. It is just another element of the artist's growing and evolving story. We hope you will enjoy listening to it, as the musicians did making it!

1.1 Coming Soon
1.2 Se'untoose
1.3 Harvestime
1.4 Kurunmi Is on the Way
1.5 Onilenrele
1.6 Irinajo
1.7 Tetisile
1.8 Revolution Time
1.9 The Pleasure Is Mine
1.10 Owolamo
1.11 This Burning House
1.12 This Burning House II

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