Bebo Vald S

Bebo Vald S: Cuban Dance Party

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Artist: Bebo Vald S

Artist: Bebo Vald S
Title: Cuban Dance Party

This classic 1959 album recorded in Havana, was a special project undertaken by the Everest record label. Everest's recording director and a team of engineers were sent to Cuba specifically to record the Cuban master who has often been referred to as the "Cuban Quincy Jones"

1.1 Babalu
1.2 Cha Cha #1
1.3 El Cumbanchero
1.4 Habana
1.5 A Quien Enganes
1.6 Ita Morreal
1.7 El Manisero
1.8 Cha Cha #3
1.9 La Feria de los Siglos
1.10 Aquellos Ojos Verdes
1.11 Sasauma
1.12 Tu Sabes Bien Que Te Quiero

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