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Becky Alter: Becky Alter

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Becky Alter

Title: Becky Alter
Label: CD Baby

The self-titled debut album introduces Becky Alter as a dynamic and captivating indie singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. Finalist for the New Mexico Music Awards 2012, "Nana's Lullaby" has been nominated for Best Folk-traditional song. Known for her distinct style and voice that "rings clarity & perfection...", Becky's sound has been described as polished and expansive. The album is a reflection of the the unique voice and indie acoustic style that Becky has developed. With a diverse song range, Becky Alter embraces blues, acoustic-rock, folk, instrumental, and bluegrass, demonstrating a powerful ability to capture emotion and leverage poetic strength. The album was recorded live at Santa Fe Center Studios, Produced by Becky, and Co-produced by J. Douglas Geist. All instrumentation and vocals were written and performed by Becky.   "You" was released as a single from the album.

1.1 Nan's Lullaby
1.2 The Porch
1.3 Rendezvous
1.4 You
1.5 Lovebird
1.6 This Affection
1.7 Uh Oh
1.8 Along the Road
1.9 Broken Hearted Blue
1.10 Why [Instrumental] [Instrumental]

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