Beethoven & Poe

Beethoven & Poe: Outis

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Beethoven & Poe

Title: Outis
Label: CD Baby

Released in January 2009 for the Poe Bicentennial, "Outis" creates the illusion of two of the most influential artists of the Romantic Period being in a rock band together. It is Poe's poems with Beethoven's music in all original performances with contemporary arrangements using modern instruments. This unique blend of Beethoven's symphonies and sonatas with Poe's lyrics produces a surprisingly new and relevant sound.

1.1 Alone Within a Dream
1.2 Happiest Day
1.3 Ghost
1.4 Spirits of the Dead
1.5 Song (Eulalie)
1.6 Lenore
1.7 Introduction (Romance)
1.8 Moonlight
1.9 From a Fountain a Very Few Feet Underground
1.10 Pale
1.11 Eureka

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