Belia Winnewisser

Belia Winnewisser: Radikale

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Belia Winnewisser
Title: Radikale
Product Type: VINYL LP

Belia Winnewisser returns to Präsens Editionen. Radikale Akzeptanz is her debut album as a solo artist and it marks her second release after PE-010 (PE 010CS, 2017) on the label arm of Lucerne's zweikommasieben magazine. Radikale Akzeptanz is a furious amalgamation of synth-pop references and more abstract sounds, combining long-running traits from Winnewisser's practice in various band projects with rather new interests from her studies in sound art. Thus, bittersweet off-pop-hymns with bubbly melodies can be found next to more austere examinations. Add a good amount of time spent in clubs and you get a Skull Disco-esque banger at the end of this gutsy album. The title Radikale Akzeptanz (radical acceptance) stems from a concept in evidence-based psychotherapy. More than the concept as such that is about accepting uncompromisingly one's situation, however, it is the expression of mere sound that is of interest to Winnewisser. This music is at once homey and adventurous, gentle and challenging, at ease with itself and full of tension(s). Edition of 300, artwork by Vinzenz Meyner.

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