Ben Hjertmann: Angelswort

Ben Hjertmann: Angelswort
Title: Angelswort
Label: CD Baby

1. Angelswort is an album of syncretic genre that borrows lead vocals & production techniques from the vernacular idiom, along with instruments & compositional techniques from the classical/new music realm. 2. Angelswort is a fairytale told equally through the music and artwork constructed from the visions and dreams of Ben Hjertmann. 3. Angelswort is a mythical red powder which can be extracted from a once-enchanted object (e.g., snakefish driftwood) 4. Angelswort is the dissertation album by the freshly-dubbed 'Dr.' Ben Hjertmann (Northwestern University, 2013) 5. Angelswort is the swansong performance of a group named The Sissy-Eared Mollycoddles (RIP 2007-2012). Ben Hjertmann: vocals, percussion, prepared piano, auxiliary sounds David Reminick: saxophones (II, III, IV, VI), bass (I) Alex Temple: piano (II, VI) synth (IV), melodica (VI) Chris Fisher-Lochhead: viola (I, III, VI), bass (IV) Kenn Kumpf: vocals (III) All artwork by Alex Mitchell. All tracks recorded and produced by Ben Hjertmann, KLWHNAA Recordings, Chicago, IL. Extra production/mixing help for tracks I-IV from Elliot Cole. Mastered by Bill Milgram and Ben Hjertmann at Milgram Music Studios in Lake Forest, IL. All music and lyrics composed by Ben Hjertmann 2011-2013, KLWHNAA Publishing (ASCAP). Compositions by Ben Hjertmann at Pop/Rock music by Ben Hjertmann (Kong Must Dead) at

1.1 Introit: Driftwood
1.2 Aksak: Wolves in South Loop
1.3 Passacaglia: L'homme Armé
1.4 Ritual: Untitled
1.5 Chorale: Angelswort
1.6 Scherzo: White Elk
1.7 Kannon: Dance of 1,000 Voices

Ben Hjertmann: Angelswort

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