Ben Lee

Ben Lee: Rebirth of Venus-Special Edition

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ben Lee

Title: Rebirth of Venus-Special Edition
Label: Universal

Limited Australian two CD pressing of his 2009 album includes a bonus six track CD entitled 'File Under Ben Lee Plays Songs He Loves That Were Written By Other People. The Rebirth of Venus was produced by Brad Wood, who also produced Ben's breakout Awake Is the New Sleep (as well as his critically acclaimed debut Grandpaw Would and sophomore album Something to Remember Me By). Other musicians who appear on the album include Missy Higgins, Cary Brothers, Patience Hodgson of the Grates, John Alagia (producer of Ripe) and longtime collaborators and musicians Lara Meyerratken and Nic Johns. 18 tracks. Dew Process.

1.1 What's So Bad (About Feeling Good)?
1.2 Surrender
1.3 Sing
1.4 I Love Pop Music
1.5 Rise Up
1.6 Yoko Ono
1.7 Boy with a Barbie
1.8 Bad Poetry
1.9 Blue Denim
1.10 I'm a Woman Too
1.11 Families Cheating at Boardgames
1.12 Song for the Divine Mother of the Universe
1.13 New Wave
1.14 Rock Boys
1.15 Ben Lee
1.16 Woman Is the Nigger of the World
1.17 Kids
1.18 Throw Your Arms Around

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