Ben Livingston

Ben Livingston: Second Orbit

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ben Livingston

Title: Second Orbit
Label: CD Baby

Ben Livingston's debut album 'Second Orbit' is a sentimental journey with teeth! His clever yet soulful lyrics are adapted from journal entries and his music comes straight from the heart. The collaboration of his songs with Austin, Texas based producer-guitar slinger Bill Browder is a handsome amalgamation of their combined innocence and experience. The critically acclaimed lyrics and music are strong. This CD is enhanced, full of videos, lyrics, stories and lots of gorgeous neon sculptures and various other artwork that Livingston is famous for. You gotta check this one out!

1.1 We're All in This Alone
1.2 Like You Do
1.3 Broken Man's Dream
1.4 Eight Second Ride

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