Ben Mason

Ben Mason: Loveland

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Artist: Ben Mason

Artist: Ben Mason
Title: Loveland

These are the best songs I've ever written. I have a story to tell and this record tells it all. I started with 50 songs and winnowed it down to 13. It took over four years to record these songs like I wanted to hear them. 'Lovin' The Truth' has already found a home on an MSNBC Show 'Juvies,' as well as in the film 'Recludere' which is a dark tale of a relationship in a steamy twilight zone. 'I Can't Make You' is about my ultimate realization that I can't control anyone, especially the people I love. 'Tough Love' is about a man on death row convicted of the murder of his daughter's pimp. 'Loveland' is about the heaven/hell of a small town and a woman who breaks me free of it. The story of a disfigured CIA agent who breaks out of a foreign prison and returns home to confront his wife is told in 'Dead To You.' 'Listen' is the one thing no man seems to be capable of. This is a culmination of my life's work, I hope you enjoy it.

1.1 Lovin' the Truth
1.2 I Can't Make You
1.3 Every One of Us
1.4 God Bless Love
1.5 Tough Love
1.6 Loveland
1.7 System
1.8 Another Perfect Kiss
1.9 Heart of the Rebel
1.10 Sweet Virginia
1.11 Dead to You
1.12 Rappahannock
1.13 Listen

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