Ben Riddle

Ben Riddle: Bright Side

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ben Riddle

Title: Bright Side
Label: Vitamin Records

Despite an already colourful and accomplished music career behind him, Ben Riddle's journey is only beginning. The captivating vocalist and songwriter has just signed with Vitamin Records for the release of his second EP, the Bright Side. Although Riddle's haunting and absorbing voice has been compared to everyone from Jeff Buckley, to Thom Yorke, Gotye, Lior and Elliott Smith, his beautifully arranged and stark recordings are utterly unique. Riddle is indeed riding a wave of unbridled creativity. Already receiving critical acclaim, the Bright Side is almost a mini-album. Over seven magical songs, Riddle takes his listener on a joyous journey, that wafts gently through warm moments of introspection ('Call It Out') and emotional directness ('It's True It's You'). The universal appeal of Riddle's sound may be linked to his inspiration. Written and demoed while the songwriter teached and travelled throughout Singapore and South-East Asia, the Bright Side is evidence that Riddle has blossomed as a soloist. His previous band, the Zeal Room, formed a dedicated live following, that discovered the powerful four-piece alongside acts like the Sleepy Jackson, the Panics, Josh Pyke, Jeff Lang, Old Man River, Bluebottle Kiss, Thirsty Merc and the Devoted Few.

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