Ben Valasek: Under the Peach Tree

Ben Valasek: Under the Peach Tree
Title: Under the Peach Tree
Label: CD Baby

Ben Valasek is a veteran singer-songwriter of the Pittsburgh scene who took the last few years off performing to write music and teach himself how to play the acoustic guitar. Starting with songwriting as a kid, to playing piano/sax growing up, to being in garage bands in high school, to singing church music on sundays and being surrounded by musical people all of his life; all of these have shaped his musical style to what it is today. During his college years, he had the amazing opportunity to sing with some of the best musicians in the local, regional and national levels. He sang acapella music in a group called 'the distinguished gentlemen/common ground' and learned the essentials to survive on stage without instrumentation. It was over those years, that he had the opportunity to sing with some of the best motown and doowop groups that influenced music today. He then formed an original band that played throughout the Pittsburgh area for many years called the 'awakening ritual'. it was then that he made so many friends in the local and regional music field. Since then, he took a few years off to concentrate on his family but could never get away from his true passion.....writing music. Now, he is attempting to get some of his better songs out on stage again...this time by himself, with only his guitar. Ben's sound is very, very unique with good, solid songwriting and crazy strong vocals pushing his music. It's very difficult to compare ben's musical style with any similarities in the music field today.........which is a great problem to have.

1.1 Common Creature
1.2 Blame It on the Road
1.3 Better
1.4 Too Many Captains
1.5 Under the Peach Tree
1.6 If You Know What I Mean
1.7 Pda on the Playground
1.8 This Old Town
1.9 Take It to the River
1.10 Sleep Away
1.11 Little John

Ben Valasek: Under the Peach Tree

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