Ben Vaughn

Ben Vaughn: Instrumental Stylings

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Artist: Ben Vaughn

Artist: Ben Vaughn
Title: Instrumental Stylings
Product Type: VINYL LP

Ben Vaughn shuts his mouth! Instrumental Stylings is Ben Vaughn's first complete album of instrumentals. Proving that no genre is safe from his magic touch, Ben charges through in his inimitable style, touching down in surf, spaghetti western, French soundtrack, California dragstrip, even a little space age bachelor pad music! This is Ben's second album for Bar/None following the success of l993's Mono U.S.A. Alongside l6 instrumentals there's also a great vocal track "Stretch Limo" driven by some sick fuzz bass played by Dean Ween of Ween. After many years of east coast living, Ben Vaughn has headed west like so many before him to check out the glories of working in the music and film industry of La la land. With copies of Instrumental Stylings under his arm he's ready to go to work with the Stones (Sharon and Oliver), Tarrantinos and Stallones. Give this kid a good action film and watch him sonically heighten those cliffhangers! Instrumental Stylings is also excellent to listen to while watching television with the sound off.

1.1 Aqua Blue 5:07
1.2 Gumpstumper 2:44
1.3 Enfermo 2:47
1.4 Pipe Bomb 3:32
1.5 Aldenté 2:29
1.6 Battery Acid 4:05
1.7 Heaven Above 3:33
1.8 Toestubber 2:07
1.9 Snake Pit 2:50
1.10 Dreadnaught 2:50
1.11 Hydroplane 3:11
1.12 Tarot Reader 1:08
1.13 Descafeinado 2:59
1.14 Constellation Drive 4:05
1.15 Illusion 2:49

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