Ben Walker

Ben Walker: Kill or Cure

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Artist: Ben Walker

Artist: Ben Walker
Title: Kill or Cure

Lyrically, these songs attempt to describe some of the inner demons and angels which most of us live with from a detached and light-hearted viewpoint. Musically, the aim was to avoid blandness or over-production, while still giving the songs the colours they needed. 2 songs were done completely live. Real piano was used instead of keyboards and in many cases double bass instead of bass guitar. Each of the 3 batches of songs from the sessions in London, Leeds and Suffolk uses a different musical and production approach, which hopefully enhances the album. The collective personnel take the music further than Ben's solo outings but never to the detriment of the songs.

1.1 No One Likes Me
1.2 Love in London
1.3 Hold on to Your Hard Times
1.4 Furious
1.5 Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day
1.6 God
1.7 Cut Myself Bleeding
1.8 Acupuncturist
1.9 How's Your Head
1.10 How Much Is Enough

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