Benedikt Brydern

Benedikt Brydern: Violin Passion: After Midnight

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Artist: Benedikt Brydern
Title: Violin Passion: After Midnight

One of the hippest nights out in Europe is a visit to an "ice bar" where the entire club is sub zero and you sip your cocktails in faux fur coats and winter boots. I mention it because Germany's Benedikt Brydern and his electric violin could provide the perfect soundtrack for your chilled outing. His music is cool, sophisticated and ultra hip. VIOLIN PASSION (AFTER MIDNIGHT) features lots of reworked classical themes mysteriously given titles celebrating Tokyo districts and all featuring computer driven backdrops, lush orchestration and that icy synsithsized violin. Favorite tracks include "Motender," "Tokyo Grammaphone" and "Shibuya Passion." AFTER MIDNIGHT is cooler than the other side of the pillow! ~STEWART COXHEAD. My passion is the violin. For more than 30 years I have been playing, studying and constantly exploring the mystery of this instrument. I have performed classical music, orchestral or chamber music, jazz, new age, Rock and Pop. As an arranger/producer/composer I had the pleasure of working with very talented people. I produced seven albums with violin stylist David Wilson, four albums with electric cellist Marston, and, most recently a double CD with compositions by actor John O'Hurley ( Seinfeld, Dancing With The Stars). Following my album Violin Passion: Symphonic Dreams from 2005 I include new renditions of famous 'classical' pieces in this collection. I perform on a 'silent violin' from 1900, customized with a pick-up for creating my sound. I hope you enjoy listening to the meditative, uplifting, and quiet compositions. Not only after midnight.

1.1 Motender
1.2 Arioso After Midnight
1.3 Tokyo Grammophone
1.4 Harajuku Latte
1.5 Waiting for Elise
1.6 Shinjuku Joy
1.7 Largo from Another World
1.8 Ginza Romance
1.9 Clair and the Moon
1.10 Shibuya Passion

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