Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Benjamin Francis Leftwich: Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm

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Product Type: CD

Title: Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm
Label: Dirty Hit

2011 release from the British singer/songwriter. While the term 'singer/songwriter' is not embraced by many musicians, for Leftwich it feels far from insulting. A self-taught guitarist, he had plenty of time to perfect his craft and started playing at the age of 10. Growing up on a diet of the Rolling Stones and Nina Simone, Leftwich discovered Bob Dylan and Elliot Smith in his teens and quickly began playing out on the York music scene. Benjamin also cites Kate Bush, Sigur Ros, Bruce Springsteen and Ryan Adams as influences. Dirty Hit.

1.1 Pictures
1.2 Box of Stones
1.3 1904
1.4 Butterfly Culture
1.5 Atlas Hands
1.6 Stole You Away
1.7 Shine
1.8 Snowship
1.9 Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm
1.10 Don't Go Slow

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