Beno T Loiselle: Six Trios Op 17

Beno T Loiselle: Six Trios Op 17
Title: Six Trios Op 17
Label: Atma Classique

Devienne was a major figure in the Parisian musical world and a founder of the Conservatoire de Paris. The six trios opus 17 included here are among the body of works by this important Baroque composer who contributed much to the repertoire for the bassoon. Mathieu Lussier energetically and passionately promotes the Baroque bassoon as a solo instrument.

1.1 Allegro
1.2 Rondo: Allegretto
1.3 Sicilienne
1.4 Allegro
1.5 Allegro
1.6 Rondo
1.7 Allegro
1.8 Andante Avec Des Variations
1.9 Largo
1.10 Allegro
1.11 Allegro Moderato
1.12 Menuet Avec Des Variations
1.13 O Toi Don't Ma Memoire
1.14 Le Ciel, Mes Soeurs, Vous Tienne en Joie
1.15 Quoi! Vous Voulez Coucher Dans la Maison?

Beno T Loiselle: Six Trios Op 17

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