Berlin: Strings Attached

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Berlin

Title: Strings Attached
Label: August Day

The Los Angeles-based synth pop group, Berlin, return with an album of their classic tracks - with strings attached. Working with a full philharmonic orchestra, 'Strings Attached' sees the band revisit some of their classic tracks, from their formation in the early 1980s through to today, including, of course, the iconic theme to the movie, Top Gun, Take My Breath Away. Featuring the classic line-up of Terri Nunn, John Crawford and David Diamond, Strings Attached is perfect for both existing fans of one of the most legendary bands of the 80s and those who are being introduced for the first time.

1.1 Take Your Turn
1.2 The Metro [Orchestral Version]
1.3 No More Words [Orchestral Version]
1.4 Take My Breath Away [Orchestral Version]
1.5 Masquerade [Orchestral Version]
1.6 Now It's My Turn [Orchestral Version]
1.7 Sex (I'm a...) [Orchestral Version]
1.8 On My Knees [Orchestral Version]
1.9 Like Flames [Orchestral Version]
1.10 Will I Ever Understand You [Orchestral Version]
1.11 You Don't Know [Orchestral Version]
1.12 Hideaway [Orchestral Version]

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