Bernard Cribbins: Very Best of Bernard Cribbins

Bernard Cribbins: Very Best of Bernard Cribbins
Title: Very Best of Bernard Cribbins
Label: EMI Gold Imports

'Right Said Fred', 'Hole in the Ground', 'The Ugly Duckling', they're all here on this lovely little collection. 29 tracks in all from the one of Britain's best loved & most versatile entertainers. EMI Gold. 2004.

1.1 Hole in the Ground
1.2 Right Said Fred
1.3 Winkle Picker Shoes Blues
1.4 Folk Song
1.5 The Bird on the Second Floor
1.6 Ringing on the Engine Bell
1.7 Get Your Hair Cut
1.8 Overture
1.9 One Man Band
1.10 I Go a Bundle
1.11 My Resistance Is Low
1.12 Verily
1.13 Gossip Calypso
1.14 What About Me Then
1.15 Sea Shanty
1.16 The Tale of a Mouse
1.17 Double Thinks
1.18 I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face
1.19 I'd Rather Go Fishing
1.20 Thumbelina
1.21 Jenny Kissed Me
1.22 Inch Worm
1.23 I'm Hans Christian Anderson
1.24 Ugly Duckling
1.25 No Two People
1.26 King's New Clothes
1.27 Country Music (I Don't Like Your)
1.28 'B' Side Blues
1.29 Giggling' Gertie the Laughing Traffic Warden
1.30 When I'm Sixty Four

Bernard Cribbins: Very Best of Bernard Cribbins

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