Bernhard Gander

Bernhard Gander: Take Death

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Bernhard Gander

Title: Take Death
Label: God Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

2014 release. "... The virgin who was sacrificed in Stravinsky's 'Le Sacre', comes back to earth and takes revenge... " Le Sacre: Her ghost was waiting, waiting for the moment, to burn the skies, and serve the torment. Evil all around, grabbing our minds, punish mankind! Slaughter our lives... Features a remix by Kajkyt. Personnel: Bernhard Gander - composition; Ensemble Modern; Patrick Pulsinger - electronics.

1.1 Introduction to Revenge
1.2 Revenge:
1.3 A. Massacre Plan
1.4 B. Gallery of Seduction
1.5 C. the Priest of Torture
2.1 Fill His Skull with Maggots
2.2 Postmortem Dissection
2.3 Igor's Disembowelment
2.4 My Sledgehammer Peeling
2.5 Death Take (Kajkyt Remix)

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