Bernt Moen Trio

Bernt Moen Trio: Storm

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bernt Moen Trio

Title: Storm
Label: Losen Records

The piano-trio is a classic format where the interaction between the musicians is important, so as not to solely become a piano with accompaniment. Already on the "A Sense of Urgency" this interaction is heard and felt. It is a group sound, and throughout the album we hear the interaction between the musicians with different dimensions moving gradually in and out of focus, so as to highlight different perspectives on the music. Interactions are found on all musical parameters, so that on "Relentless" it is not least the rhythmic interplay that is noticeable, underlining the percussive dimension of the piano. There are also soloes in a more traditional sense, where "Relentless" features the soloistic drums with nice underlying piano, whereas "Leisurely" features both bass and piano. "In Retrospect" sounds almost like an echo of a Romantic piano piece, and something similar could be said about "Ode," "Floating," and "Sakral" as well. The last three compositions mentioned are solo piano pieces, thus setting the trio pieces in a different light. This light comes to the fore on "The Storm" divided into an Introduction for piano alone, improvising in a sense like a fantasia, moving into the trio as a smooth continuation of the introduction. Here the three musicians are working together to establish musical intensities, as a long crescendo later gradually decreases. One could interpret it as a musical picture of a storm, music illustrating nature, but also as using the word storm as a foundation for musical associations and fantasies. The different characters of the pieces, the combination of trio and solo piano, makes The Storm an album to be heard as a whole. Three musicians fantasizing in sound.

1.1 A Sense Of Urgency
1.2 Majestic
1.3 The Search For Absolution
1.4 Relentless
1.5 In Retrospect
1.6 Leisurely
1.7 The Storm Intro
1.8 The Storm
1.9 Ode
1.10 Floating
1.11 Passing By, Not Too Fast, Not Too Slow
1.12 Sakral

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