Bestial Mockery: Gospel of the Insane

Bestial Mockery: Gospel of the Insane
Title: Gospel of the Insane
Label: Osmose Productions

To make a long story short... or something. Bestial Mockery was founded in 1995 by Master Motorsag and Warslaughter. Soon joined by Doomanfanger, the band set out to rehearse for the first demo which eventually saw the light of day in 1997, called IIChristcrushing Hammerchainsaw". After having used different session bass players live, the band was joined by Sir Torment in 1998 before the recording of second demo "Chainsaw Demons Return". OSMOSE. 2006.

1.1 Tyrant of Hells Land
1.2 Hell Vociferation
1.3 Father in Heaven
1.4 The Ecstasy of Holocaust
1.5 Sefdestructive Salvation
1.6 Out from the Cold - Straight to Hell
1.7 Black Metal Slaughter
1.8 The Punishment of Pure Hellpain
1.9 Satains Devilsaw
1.10 Domesticatior
1.11 Slut-Fuck-Cult
1.12 Morbid Chainsaw Extermination

Bestial Mockery: Gospel of the Insane

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