Beth Eichel: Windowsill of Heaven

Beth Eichel: Windowsill of Heaven
Title: Windowsill of Heaven
Label: CD Baby

Beth (McWhorter) Eichel grew up in Oklahoma, but has lived in California's Palos Verdes Peninsula for thirty years with her husband/best friend. Their daughters were raised on Beth's country soul food, but they are definitely California girls. In Beth's previous life as a volunteer, she felt honored to be national president of the National Charity League, Inc. Now, she has found a new call. Beth's hymns were used for the spring '95 Presbytery of the Pacific meeting in Los Angeles and at the '94 South Coast Ecumenical Council's Lay Academy for Women's Ministries in Rolling Hills Estates. Dr. Lauren Artress invited Beth to 'kick off' the 1998 Lenten pilgrimage at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco with Labyrinth of Life, a hymn inspired by walking the Labyrinth at Grace. Porches, a musical-drama, written with Louise Midget, sold out as a benefit for the South Coast Ecumenical Counseling Center in '95 and again in the summer of '97, ant the Courtyard playhouse, with four performances per week for a six-week run. Beth McWhorter Eichel enjoys sharing her music with the universe, in all kinds of settings, and loves playing the piano with St. Luke's church combo. Janet Barker, Peninsula People 'Beth Eichel reveals her heart and soul through her music and words...shredding expectations and becoming herself shows.' Fay Chang, Peninsula People 'Windowsill of Heaven is the metaphorical title of a CD of songs and poems written and composed, sung and played by Beth McWhorter Eichel. Beth's voice is eloquent because it is honest. She exposes the 'pull of her heartstrings.' The everyday, everywhere events of a lifetime accelerate to healing praise in her anthem, 'Thank You God, for Another Day!' David Fairchild, Director of Skating Cracked Sidewalks 'People love hearing other people's stories and the way Beth tells hers is wonderful.'

1.1 I Am God's Creation
1.2 Thank You God for Another Day!
1.3 Reflective Comments
1.4 I Can't Erase You from My Heart
1.5 Calm Me Down, Jesus
1.6 Reflective Comments
1.7 Mama's House
1.8 Reflective Comments
1.9 Sounds of the Wind (Poem)
1.10 Reflective Comments
1.11 Skates on Cracked Sidewalks
1.12 God Is Near
1.13 Someday Is Now
1.14 Reflective Comments
1.15 Church Supper Evenings (Poem)
1.16 Reflective Comments
1.17 A Tent Revival
1.18 Windowsill of Heaven (Poem)
1.19 Canyon Lake
1.20 Reflective Comments
1.21 A Foghorn Blew (Poem)
1.22 Reflective Comments
1.23 Before We Say Goodnight
1.24 Reflective Comments
1.25 Angel
1.26 Life in Bloom (Poem)
1.27 Thank You God for Another Day!

Beth Eichel: Windowsill of Heaven

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