Beth, Johnny / Hostile, Johnny: XY Chelsea (Original Soundtrack)

Beth, Johnny / Hostile, Johnny: Xy Chelsea
Title: XY Chelsea (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Pop Noire
Product Type: VINYL LP

XY CHELSEA tells the historic story of whistle-blower Chelsea Manning, whose 35-year sentence in amaximum security prison was commuted by President Obama in 2017. Shot over two years andfeaturing exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes verité with Manning, the film begins on themomentous day in May of that year when she leaves prison and follows her through her journey ofdiscovery, while also examining her place in the conversation on national security and the fight of thetransgender community for rights and visibility. The announcement was made today by Gary Levine,President of Entertainment, Showtime Networks Inc., at the Television Critics Association's Winter \ Press Tour.Filmmaker Tim Travers Hawkins followed Manning and her legal team as they fought to get her outof prison, and for her to receive the necessary medical treatment for her gender dysphoria. Following two suicide attempts in 2016, Chelsea and her team tried to save her life with a long-shot request to President Obama for a commutation of her sentence before he left office. Cameras follow Manning's fight for release and witness as she reveals herself to the world for the first time. XY CHELSEA is the journey of her fight for survival and dignity, and her transition from prisoner to a free woman.

1.1 Mission (Title Demo)
1.2 Strain (Start Demo)
1.3 Back Alive (Stage 1)
1.4 Cry Out Enemy (Stage Boss)
1.5 Stirring (Stage Clear)
1.6 Seen Through (Stage 2)
1.7 Wrath of Earth (Stage 3)
1.8 The Jupiter Spirit (Stage 3 Boss)
1.9 Cheer Up (Stage 4)
1.10 Forest of Planet (Stage 5)
1.11 Foul Smell (Stage 6)
1.12 Dark Nebula - Ankoku Seiun (Stage 7)
1.13 End of War (Stage 8)
1.14 Galactic Ruler (Final Stage - Final Boss)
1.15 Revive (Ending)
1.16 Ocean War (Continue)
1.17 Game Over Head Waver (Name Entry)
1.18 Mission (Title Demo)
1.19 Strain (Start Demo)
1.20 Back Alive (Stage 1)
1.21 Cry Out Enemy (Stage Boss)
1.22 Stirring (Stage Clear)
1.23 Seen Through (Stage 2)
1.24 Wrath of Earth (Stage 3)
1.25 The Jupiter Spirit (Stage 3 Boss)
1.26 Cheer Up (Stage 4)

Beth, Johnny / Hostile, Johnny: XY Chelsea (Original Soundtrack)

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