Better Off Dead

Better Off Dead: Girls Guns & Money

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Artist: Better Off Dead

Artist: Better Off Dead
Title: Girls Guns & Money

'Girls, Guns and Money,' Better Off Dead's third album is 28, count 'em, twenty eight powerful shots of tuneful Tanqueray 'n' tonic that'll have you out on a marvelous, maniacal musical bender way past last call and into the next morning.

1.1 Twister in a Trailer Park
1.2 Bad Credit
1.3 Heart Be the Judge
1.4 Louisiana Hot Sauce
1.5 Yellow Cadillac
1.6 Chicken Pickin' Good Time
1.7 500 Miles
1.8 Kaboodle Cock-A-Lulu
1.9 Mind to Leave You
1.10 Back to Memphis
1.11 Kitten
1.12 San Antone
1.13 What Happened?
1.14 If I Can Quit Drinkin'
1.15 One More Time
1.16 Porn Star
1.17 Little Debbie
1.18 Never Let You Down
1.19 Rockin' Daddy
1.20 When My Troubles Began
1.21 Georgia Peach
1.22 She Got It
1.23 God Will
1.24 I Ain't Gonna Change
1.25 Let's Fool Around
1.26 I Won't Do It
1.27 Off the Wagon
1.28 From a Broken Home

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