Betty Rhodes: Starring Betty Rhodes

Betty Rhodes: Starring Betty Rhodes
Title: Starring Betty Rhodes
Label: Sepia Recordings

Betty Rhodes (initially known as Betty Jane Rhodes) was one of those essential 1940s personalities who appeared regularly on radio and records as well as playing the lead and sometimes support roles in a variety of Hollywood movies. With Paramount Pictures she featured in many of their wartime musical productions most notably The Fleet's In while another film Sweater Girl paved the way for her solo recording career. In the latter she introduced the Jule Styne and Frank Loesser "I Don't Want To Walk Without You" which turned out to be one of the biggest hits of the day but unfortunately her recording was overshadowed by the Helen Forrest version. In 1946, she achieved chart success at last with "Rumors Are Flying" and her version remained on the hit parade for three months becoming one of the top five best sellers in the USA. Two years later Betty Rhodes was back in the charts again with "Buttons And Bows". Her animated performance on this song gave listeners the opportunity to witness a part of her talent not previously realized and this demonstration of versatility and vocal range climbed into the nations top ten best sellers. Almost all of 26 tracks featured on this CD are making their first appearance on CD.

1.1 I Don't Want to Walk Without You
1.2 I Said "No"
1.3 This Is Always
1.4 Somewhere in the Night
1.5 I'd Be Lost Without You
1.6 What Has She Got That I Haven't Got
1.7 What Is This Thing Called Love
1.8 I've Got You Under My Skin
1.9 Rumors Are Flying
1.10 How Could I?
1.11 Bless You
1.12 You'll Always Be the One I Love
1.13 What a Fool I Have Been
1.14 They Can't Convince Me
1.15 You're Everywhere
1.16 Maybe You'll Be There
1.17 Tonight Be Tender to Me
1.18 Man Who Paints the Rainbow in the Sky
1.19 Why Should I Cry Over You?
1.20 Those Things Money Can't Buy
1.21 Put Yourself in My Place, Baby
1.22 Just Around the Corner
1.23 Long After Tonight
1.24 I Remember Mama
1.25 Buttons and Bows
1.26 I Still Get a Thrill

Betty Rhodes: Starring Betty Rhodes

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