Betty Who

Betty Who: The Valley

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Artist: Betty Who

Artist: Betty Who
Title: The Valley

The 25-year-old Australian-born and Los Angeles based pop star is hoping that 2017 keeps her busy, after she broke out with the dance-pop hit "Somebody Loves You" in 2014 and spent most of last year on the road. Since then, Who (real name: Jess Newham) has moved to Los Angeles, gotten into a serious relationship and experienced the personal growth that she says naturally comes when you enter your mid-20s. "On this album, there's still grieving about my last relationship, or talking about friendships that have fallen apart over the past couple of years due to the nature of my job - but I also think it's much more self-assured." The difference between who you are when you re 22 and who you are when you're 25 is not just some casual difference. I feel like I'm just this completely different person."

1.1 Thevalley
1.2 Somekindawonderful
1.3 Youcancrytomorrow
1.4 Mama Say
1.5 Humantouch
1.6 Free to Fly
1.7 Wannabe
1.8 Pretend You're Missing Me
1.9 Blue Heaven Midnight Crush
1.10 Make You Memories
1.11 Reunion
1.12 Beautiful
1.13 I Love You Always Forever

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